Auction Details

June 25, 2018 9:00 AM
June 25, 2018 4:00 PM

Driving Instructions

AUCTION LOCATION: From Wishek, ND - 3 Miles South




For Information Call Vincent Bitz At 701-220-5007


2012 John Deere 9560 R Tractor, Power Shift, Weight PK,
520/85R46 Triple Tires, 5 Hyd., 1797 Hours, S#1RW9560RACP003451

2011 John Deere 9430 Tractor, Power Shift, 5 Hyd., Weight PK,
710/70R42 Tires, PTO, 3710 Hrs., Duals S#1RW9430PLBP025563

2012 John Deere 9560 R Tractor, 5 Hyd., 520/85R46 Triple Tires
Weight PK, 1852 Hrs., S#1RW9560RJCP003378

2005 John Deere 6715 Tractor, 3 Point, FWA, Left Hand Reverser,
1656 Hrs., W#740 Loader & Grapple

2014 John Deere 6140 R Tractor, FWA, CAH, Direct Drive Trans
834 Hrs., W/H 360 Loader, Grapple

Big Bud 525/50 Tractor, Duals, Power Shift, 4 Hyd.
Green Star Ready, 1450 Hrs. S#8024

John Deere 4440 Tractor, Power Shift, 3 Point, 158 Loader & Grapple Fork

John Deere 3020 Diesel Tractor, 3 Point, Power Shift

Volvo L70C Payloader (New Motor), 2-1/4 Yr. Bucket,
12ʼ Protech Snow Pusher, Rock Bucket, W/Grapple Fork


2010 John Deere 1890 60ʼ No Till Drill, 7-1/2” Spacing, W/1910 Tow Behind 430 Bu. Cart

Horsch Panther #460 60ʼ Drill, Raven Anhydrous, 15” Spacing, Dutch Openers, W/500I Cart

Horsch 60ʼ Air Seeder, 15” Spacing, Raven Anhydrous, 500I Cart


John Deere 60ʼ #2410 Chisel Plow, W/Summers Harrows

Degelman Pro Till 40ʼ Vertical Till Disc

Degelman 8000 64ʼ LR5039 Land Roller


2015 John Deere R4038 Crop Sprayer, 1000 Gal. Tank, 120 Boom
1029 Hrs., S#1N04038RVE0006838

Homebuilt Trailer, 39ʼ With 5200 Gal. Water Tank, With Pumps & Motors

1981 Tanker Trailer Tec – 6600 Gal. Capacity W/Honda Motor & Pumps


(4) Starfire 3000 GPS Units SF1

(3) SF2 Receivers • (5) Monitors


2013 John Deere S680 Combine, Power Rear Assist Drive
650/85R38 Duals, 1736 Separator Hrs., 2321 Engine Hrs. S#1H05680SVD0755640

2013 John Deere S680 Combine, Power Rear Assist Drive, 650/85R38 Duals,
2215 Engine Hours, 1723 Separator Hrs., S#1H0S6800SED0755647

Sheyenne Sunmaster 40ʼ Sunflower Header, 24-Row 20”

JD 935 36ʼ Sunflower Header

(2) JD #612C 12-Row 20” Headers

(2) McDon #973 39ʼ Headers

(2) JD 640 Flex Headers – 40ʼ Cross Auger Crary Air System

(2) Stomper Stud MD SS41 Header Trailers

(2) Stud 32ʼ Header Trailers

J & M Header Trailer

Unverth HT 30ʼ Header Trailer


2006 Kenworth Con – T 800 Semi, 18 Spd. Trans., 410 Gears, 600 HP, 722,000 Miles

2000 Kenworth Semi, W900, 18 Spd. Trans., 370 Gears, 700 HP, New Cummins Motor

2001 INT 9100I Semi, 13 Spd. Trans., N14 Cummins Motor, 665,000 Miles

2002 Kenworth T 800 Semi, Super 10 Spd. Trans., 370 Gears, 600 HP
Sleeper, Approx. 100,000 Miles On New Motor

1999 Kenworth T 800 Con Semi, 13 Spd. Trans., 411 Gears, N14 Cummins, Tandem Duals

1979 IHC S2500 Truck, 13 Spd. Trans., 350 Cummins Motor, 20ʼ Box, Roll Tarp, TriAxle, Duals

1998 Ford F800 Crew Cab Truck, Auto Trans., 171,600 Miles, Diesel, Service Truck
Air Compressor, Gettee Welder, Acetylene Welder, 675 Gal. Fuel Tank, Hyd. Driven Generator

2011 Chevy Silverado 4×4 Long Box Duromax Diesel Pickup

2006 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Pickup, New Motor

Army Truck 6×6, Kaiser Jeep, 5-Ton W/Gravel Box


2013 Timpte 50ʼ Triple Axle W/Lift Axle, 3 Hoppers, Electric Tarp, 84H-102W

2005 Timpte 50ʼ Triple Axle W/Lift Axle, 3 Hoppers, Electric Roll Tarp, 84H-102W

2007 Timpte Triple Axle W/Lift Axle, 3 Hoppers, Electric Tarp, 84H-102W/50ʼ

2010 Timpte Hopper, 43ʼ, 2 Axle W/Roll Tarp & Vibrator

(2) 2002 Neville Built Steel Hopper Bottom Trailers, Roll Tarp, 78H-102W

2006 Timpte 43ʼ Tandem Hopper Bottoms W/Roll Tarp & Vibrators

2004 Wilson 43ʼ Tandem Axle Hopper Bottom, Roll Tarp, 78H-102W

1988 Comm Belly Dump Gravel Trailer

Triton Elite Alum. Snowmobile Trailer, 4 Unit

1997 Diamond D GN Flatbed Trailer W/Beaver Tail – 8.6”x24ʼ

2013 Jensen Enclosed 36ʼ GN Tandem Car Trailer


(2) BB Trailers W/Double 1450 Tanks (Bottom Feed)

(2) BB Trailers W/Double 1450 Tanks (Front Feed)


John Deere DB 60 Planter, 36-row Precision Planting Seed Box
20” Spacing, W/1600 Gal. Tow Behind Liquid Fertilizer Tank


Hygrade 1400RS Angle Blade

Road Boss 8ʼ 3 Point Grader

Meyerink 12ʼ Scraper Grader

2013 Kaylolight 50,000 KW PTO Generator (Never Used) On Transport

Shoule HB 8ʼ Rock Bucket, Heavy Duty

Farmking 8ʼ Snowblower

Walinga Grain Vac & Hoses

(2) Ficken Gravity Boxes W/12-Ton Trailers, Box Extensions & Covers

Homemade Pressure Washer W/500 Gal. Tank, 3 Pumps, High Flow, Low Flow & 100ʼ Fire Hose, Transport

(2) 10,000 Gal. Black Liquid Poly Tanks (1) 15 HP 3” Liquid Pump

Rowse Double 9 Mower, IH Heads

(New) JD Pressure Washer, 13 HP, AC 3300 GPM

300 Ft. 12” Aerator Tubes

(7) 3 HP Coldwell Fans

(3) 1-1/2 HP Fans


1997 Peterbilt Semi W/13 Spd. Trans, Tandem Duals, 469,800 Miles,
W/Willmar Seed Tender, 16 Ton, 21ʼ Alum. Conveyor, Electric Roll Tarp

1998 Peterbilt Semi, 13 Spd. Trans., Tandem Duals, New Motor, W/Willmar Seed
Tender, 16-Ton Cap, 21ʼ Alum. Conveyor, Electric Roll Tarp

J & M Manufacturing 1051 Grain Cart, Hyd., PTO

Unverferth 3750 XL Seed Tender On Triple Axle, GN Trailer, S#D56780431

J & M 450 Seed Tender Pro, 4 Box, Remote Control, GN


2005 Bobcat 250 Turbo Skidsteer, Cab, Air, 1460 Hrs.

2012 Bobcat S 185 Skidsteer, Cab Air, Heat, 2 Spd., 530 Hrs., Bucket

Carbide G3 Cutter,
Stump Grinder
Pellet Fork • Utility Bucket
Heavy Duty Rock Forks
Hyd. Post Hole Auger
Marshall Hyd. Tree Saw


Westfield 13”x114ʼ Swingout Auger W/Reverse, PTO, Elec.

Batco 1545 Conveyor Auger, 3 Phase Electric

Kwik-Belt 1838 Conveyor, 3 Phase Electric

Westfield 10”x91ʼ Swingout Auger, PTO

Wheathart Transfer Auger


Prairie Air Heavy Duty Industrial Compressor

Tow Ropes

Parts & Service Items


(2) Arctic Cat 550 ATVs, 1 W/Sprayer



Terms and Conditions

Payment by Cash or Check
All Statements Made on Sale Day Take Precedence Over Any Printed Material
Owners Retain The Right To Reject Any & All Bids
Proper identification must be presented to obtain bidding numbers
Not Responsible For Accidents